Soccer Tables

soccer tables
soccer tables

Casa has a great range of soccer tables and other sports tables available.

Imagine enjoying the world’s favourite game right inside your living room! The soccer tables offer you an amazing opportunity to bring home the magic of soccer in your house. Designed to offer you a unique soccer experience these tables will thrill you with their amazing concept. So get ready to host the next soccer world cup in your home.

Table football is one of the most popular indoor games across the world and provides for a great enjoyment indoors. The soccer tables replicate the entire appearance of a football field complete with players. It provides easy manoeuvrability so that you can have a real life experience of playing soccer. We stock the Garlando table, it is available in various models.

The essence of a great soccer table lies in its rod. The uses of telescopic rods lend the soccer tables tremendous capabilities. These rods provide fast action and are easy to handle and operate. These rods are manufactured from the same material which is used for making gymnastic materials and hence offer a tremendous amount of strength against bending making them perfect for soccer.

The telescopic walls do not go through side walls on the rival’s player side thus offering complete protection against poking injuries. This also makes it perfect for children. The soccer table walls are made from sturdy materials, which makes it one of a kind. The ergonomics design includes cushioning to reduce the impact on wrists during aggressive play.

The soccer table is provided with strong playing figures moulded on the rods which ensure that there are no broken figures. The tables also provide innovative foot design for better control and execution of the ball. This will give you the feeling of playing in the English Premier League. The table also offers special design for in line passing which will help you to delight everyone with your superb ball control and play.

Soccer and table tennis tables can be an interesting addition to your interiors and bring in loads of smiles on the face of your kids. You can even consider a pool table which will help you to improve your focus and concentration and also spend quality time with your family. Simply a great idea to add excitement to your life!


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