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air hockey tables


Casa has a great range of air hockey tables and other sports tables available.

Air hockey is a young sport. In fact, it is just forty years into its existence. The game has evolved so brilliantly that within the two years of its existence, the word championship of the game was held. The popularity of air hockey game is not a fluke. There are certain reasons supporting the fact that air hockey is a fast catching global sport. Here are some of the reasons for its popularity.

Quick Paced: The game is without a doubt very quick paced. In the modern era of one hour sport this fast and power packed game is a boon for its viewers and for players as well. Kids especially really enjoy a fast paced game, something that they can really get into. It allows them to be active and make as much noise as desired.

The Click Clack Noise: The noise of the air hockey table is something that has gained higher popularity. The level of popularity is even higher than a table tennis table click. The other popular sounds include that of billiard or pool table.

Interactive: The game is action packed and hence it is very interactive. Air Hockey presents a mixed blender of intellectual and physical skills of a player. Sure, kids today enjoy their computer games, but they also like to actively interact with friends and family, and air hockey is a great way to do that.

Game for All Ages: This is one of the rare games that are fine for people of all ages. Air hockey is equally popular with senior citizens as it is with kids. Other games can be a little frustrating for a beginner. It is hard to get much of a volley going in table tennis when you are just learning, and knocking a ball into a small hole in the table with the end of a stick can be frustrating until you learn the skills involved in the game. But with air hockey, you just knock the puck back and forth, and hope to get it in your opponents slot while protecting your own goal, not much skill needed.


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