Casa has a great range of pool table accessories available.

pool table accessories
We stock:
• Dining tops
• Table tennis tops
• Cues
• Tips
• Canopy lights
• Re-cloths
• Dust covers
• Refurbishment
• Dart boards
• Chalk
• Balls
…plus much more!

“Sport does not build character. It reveals it.” Well, an indoor game like pool is surely the best way to spend time constructively! A pool game will help you develop superb hand eye coordination and concentration and also a lot of panache! With the perfect pool table and accessories you can ensure a splendid time with your friends and family!

A quality pool table is the essence of pool! The jewel in the crown of pool tables is of course a hand crafted table which offers silky smoothness, ultimate style and a match to your decor! You should ensure that the pool table adheres to all the specifications before choosing one. Selecting the right pool table accessories is also very important, you can blame your tools if they are poor quality! You can choose from a wide variety of pool table accessories based on your taste and requirements.

The most popular pool table accessories include various styles of balls one piece or two piece cues, jigger sticks, Kelly pool game sets and the most important brush. The balls should be made from quality material to ensure they give true bounce and roll. A complete accessory set will ensure that you can enjoy an uninterrupted game!

Along with other pool table accessories like a pool table light, you can also enjoy a great time indoors with the help of games like air hockey, table soccer and table tennis! Table tennis is a great way to burn out those extra calories and also improve your concentration! You can also bring a lovely smile to the face of your kids by gifting them an air hockey table which will keep them busy all through the day!

Indoor games like billiards and table tennis can ease off the tension in your mind and enable you to enjoy some quality time with your family! Having a pool table at home offers you a lot of privacy and also comes as a welcome break from the mundane programs on TV! With the pool table accessories you can customize the appearance of your table and enjoy a bespoke experience!

CASA offers pool table accessories and various types of equipment for indoor games.

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